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Our Story

Our practice began in 1982 when Margaret Thompson, MD opened her solo practice after completing her training at Duke University in North Carolina. As one of the first women obstetrician/gynecologists in Austin, she worked hard to build her practice. She believed in a woman’s intelligence and ability to make her own choices about her healthcare.

In 2004, Margaret began law school at the University of Texas, Austin, and reduced her hours in the office. She hired Christina Sebestyen, MD to join her to help caring for her patients. Christina and Margaret were amazed by their similarities – both committed to excellence in education (Harvard and Duke trained), and devoted to improving the situation of women through health care and public advocacy. Together, they continued the legacy of respect for women’s choice in their healthcare.

In December 2007, Margaret completed her law degree and due to personal medical issues, she decided to retire in February 2008. Margaret asked Christina to take responsibility for her patients and the practice, and this transition took place in March 2008.

In anticipation of that transition, Christina began working with North Austin Medical Center (NAMC) to have Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) credentialed to assist births in the hospital. After much determination and hard work, the hospital finally credentialed CNMs to work at NAMC in April 2008. Each CNM in the practice then had to be individually credentialed which occurred on August 8, 2008. Since that time, they have been delivering babies at NAMC and receiving regular praise from the patients and nursing staff. As the oldest hospital-based midwifery practice in Austin, we are very proud of the service that they provide to the women of our practice.

In September of 2013, we embarked on a new adventure – opening Natural Beginning Birth Center and moving our office to ensure the two facilities were adjacent to one another.  In making this transition, we brought on one additional physician Dr. Piparia. Besides being a strong advocate for reducing csection rates, Dr. Piparia speaks Hindi and is skilled at surgery.

Most recently, in May 2015, Dr. Mirto joined ObGynNorth after being in solo practice in Austin for 13 years. She brings to us a strong background in Integrative Medicine and is working on board certification in this specialty.

Please see our other website (Natural Beginning) for more information.

Each of us as women is seeking a type of healthcare that suits our personality and philosophy. We hope that ours is a good fit for you and we look forward to welcoming you to our practice.


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