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Individualized care at

every stage & every age

New Patients Welcome!


located near Mopac & Parmer
gynecologic consultant to the

UT Women’s Athletic Program

Individualized care at
every stage & every age

New Patients Welcome!


located near Mopac & Parmer
gynecologic consultant to the

UT Women’s Athletic Program

Natural Beginning Birth Center

Birth Announcements

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Elijah Ryan LaFountain

Date of Birth: March 17th
Weight: 7lbs 15oz

Jack Redford Norman

Date of Birth: September 25th
Weight: 7lbs 11oz

Kyle Wesley Wright

Date of Birth: November 15th
Weight: 8.5 lbs

Zelda Sofia Rodriguez

Date of Birth: February 5th
Weight: 7lbs 9oz

Jonathan Anthony Mercado Etheredge

Date of Birth: September 20th
Weight: 9lbs 8oz

Henry Scott Harrison

Date of Birth: December 17th
Weight: 5lbs 14oz

Jackson Robert Swan

Date of Birth: January 10th
Weight: 9lbs 1oz

Carter Bayles Bartley

Weight: 8lbs 12oz

Kennedy Grace Bartley

Weight: 8lbs 2oz

Jamal Ray Smith Jr.

Date of Birth: July 31st
Weight: 8lbs 1oz

Leilani Elise Degollado

Date of Birth: November 11th
Weight: 8lbs 13oz


Date of Birth: April 11th
Weight: 7lbs 11oz

Grayson Sterling

Date of Birth: April 27th

Robert Allen Shirley

Date of Birth: September 4th
Weight: 7lbs 14oz

Kaiden Charles Ennis

Date of Birth: August 5th
Weight: 6lbs 11oz

Silas Laine Jackson

Date of Birth: April 9th Weight: 10lbs 5oz

Brielle Lanett

Date of Birth: July 29th Weight: 7lbs

Abigail Elyse Wickman

Weight: 7lbs 12oz

Judson Russell Jones

Date of Birth: May 2nd
Weight: 6lbs 15oz

Jax Thor Fleishman Hopper

Date of Birth: March 27th
Weight: 6lbs 8oz

Anderson Everett Lumpkin

Date of Birth: August 29th
Weight: 10lbs 8oz

Jacob Michael Hitchcock

Date of Birth: November 7th
Weight: 7lbs 10oz

Emile Lincoln Vargas-Robinson

Date of Birth: October 24th
Weight: 7lbs 8oz

Kendall Glenn Milburn

Date of Birth: December 12th
Weight: 7lbs 8oz

Emelia Rose Wills

Date of Birth: October 15th
Weight: 8lbs 12oz


Date of Birth: October 22nd
Weight: 8lbs 1oz

Deven Satya Gupta

Date of Birth: September 29th
Weight: 7lbs 6oz

Arya Downs Whitney

Date of Birth: September 11th
Weight: 6lbs 8oz


Date of Birth: August 11th
Weight: 7lbs 11oz

I'le Jane Efunyinka Coker

Weight: 8lbs 9oz

Alice Bacher

Date of Birth: August 15th
Weight: 6lbs 14oz

Jaxxin Phoenix Orion

Date of Birth: May 4th
Weight: 8lbs

Wyatt Muniz

Date of Birth: January 15th
Weight: 7lbs

Jessica Leigh

Date of Birth: February 15th
Weight: 6lbs 5oz


Date of Birth: November 17th

Claire Jan

Date of Birth: November 3rd
Weight: 9lbs 10oz

Avery & Quinn

Date of Birth: January 26th
Weights: 6lbs 10oz & 6lbs 13oz

Juniper S. Rainey

Date of Birth: March 11th
Weight: 9lbs 12oz

Kinley Paige

Date of Birth: July 10th
Weight: 9lbs 5oz

Paloma Sofia

Date of Birth: January 8th
Weight: 8lbs 3oz

Gabriel Isaiah Lopez

Date of Birth: January 25th
Weight: 6lbs 4.1oz

Levi Christopher

Date of Birth: January 2nd
Weight: 7lbs 10oz

Skyler Chance Lehnick

Date of Birth: December 22nd
Weight: 8lbs 10oz


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