Our Office COVID-19 Information

We are updating our guest and Covid-19 policies. 

  • No guests are allowed except for one guest during your ultrasound visit.
  • Children are not allowed in the office.
  • We require masks for all patients, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Failure to follow these policies could result in rescheduling your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Protecting your health, and the health of our staff and providers is a priority. We ask that if you are experiencing a fever of 100.4 plus or productive cough to call us at 512-425-3825, Option 3 so that we can determine the best way to meet your medical needs.

See our Childbirth Education Updates HERE.

St. David' Healthcare Visitation Policy Changes & COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

It’s been a year and a half since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Texas. As the virus continues to evolve, and COVID-19 continues to bear down on our community, we have remained steadfast in our resolve to combat it. Below are updates on some important and timely issues related to COVID-19 that we wanted to share with you.

Visitation Policy Changes
Due to a recent legislative mandate (Texas House Bill 2211), we are making changes to our visitation policy to comply with the new law. As of September 1, all patients will be allowed one visitor per day during visiting hours.
• Visiting hours are 5am-8pm
• Visitors must be 18 years of age or older
• Visitors must pass the entrance screening
• Visitors must wear a mask at all times
• Any patient seeking emergency care may have one visitor

One visitor may remain overnight for the following services or circumstances:
• Pediatrics under 18 years old
• Laboring mothers
• Patient advocates for elderly, disabled or impaired patients
• Undergoing surgery or a procedure
• End-of-life care

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our patients, physicians, colleagues and visitors. Universal masking remains in effect and additional PPE may be required. All visitors are required to comply with these policies.

Visitation may be denied if an attending physician determines in-person visitation with the patient may lead to the transmission of an infectious agent that poses a serious community health risk.

COVID-19 Vaccination Booster
After careful consideration of the latest medical data, the FDA recently authorized mRNA COVID-19 booster shots for immunocompromised people. A recommendation for the general population is expected soon. This measure is designed to further protect you from COVID-19 as immunity wanes with time and this virus continues to spread.

As a result, we are actively planning for hospital-based third dose vaccination clinics in late September or early October. These vaccinations will only be available to colleagues who have already received both prior doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Please remember to verify your vaccination status prior to September 15 through the HCA Healthcare COVID-19 immunization link.

A third shot is now available and recommended for those who are immunocompromised and, therefore, at greater risk of serious, prolonged illness. Immunocompromised colleagues are encouraged to speak with their physician about whether getting an additional dose is appropriate. This helpful link can identify the closest and most convenient location to receive the vaccine.

For now, booster shots are being advised for the mRNA vaccines only, which does not currently include the Johnson & Johnson shot. It is also recommended to receive the same vaccine administered during the prior two dose series.

For the thousands of St. David’s HealthCare colleagues who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, thank you for choosing to protect yourself and the people around you.
Moment of Silence

The Texas Hospital Association is encouraging hospitals throughout the state to observe “five minutes of silence” at noon on Friday, September 3, to honor those impacted by COVID-19. The observance hopes to shine light on the number of people who have died from COVID-19, on healthcare heroes – like you – who have bravely fought the pandemic, and on the importance of taking action to prevent further illness. We encourage you to participate in this time of reflection, honor and remembrance.

COVID-19 Vaccination
Our physicians are among the most trusted in Central Texas. The community has trusted us to care for them for decades, and now we’re asking them to trust us about the COVID-19 vaccine. We encourage you to watch the below video that features several of our physicians talking about the COVID-19 vaccine, and join us in sharing it with friends and family.

Watch Video Here

Thank you for your tireless work to beat COVID-19. Together, we can move forward and end the pandemic.

Individualized care at
every stage & every age

New Patients Welcome!


located near Mopac & Parmer
gynecologic consultant to the

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Individualized care at
every stage & every age

New Patients Welcome!


located near Mopac & Parmer
gynecologic consultant to the

UT Women’s Athletic Program

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“The delivery was like a work of art” -by k

Dear Dr. Sebestyen, Thank you so much for the excellent care that you gave to me and A— last week at his arrival. You were so patient with me and I appreciated so much teh way you would present option of what to do next in the birthing process. My mom, who is an RN & witnessed the birth said watching you deliver A— was like “a work of art.” I thank God for you. Love, The K–

“Thank you for the remarkable care” -by j

Thank you for the remarkable care you gave me + baby C— on April 30th. It was perhaps the scariest moment of my life, but I could sense I was in very capable hands. You will never know how much that means to me. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

“You are incredible at what you do” -by c&j

Dear Dr. Sebestyen, I’m not sure how to begin to thank you. My husband and I have never met such a patient, sincerely interested in their patients well-being, doctor. You are incredible at what you do and we’re SO thankful we found you! The day of my cyst surgery, I was a complete mess & I was thankful to have my husband so on top of things! You stopped whatever you were doing that Saturday, maybe you were enjoying a lazy day with your children or quality time with your spouse – you dropped it all to do surgery!! I can’t comprehend that. Then you met us for a follow-up appointment when you were already filled to the brim with appointments! J— & I are so grateful for you & your staff, for how much you’ve gone out of your way, for the wealth of information you provided us and the quality of time you spent with us post-op to just let us know “It’s all going to be OK!” It’s obvious you’re amazing at what you do! Thank you Dr Sebestyen for everything. We recommend you as an Austin Obgyn expert any chance we get. J – Much love

“I want to thank you” -by p

I want to thank-you for taking care of my daughter, A—, during her pregnancy and most of all delivery of T— on January 8. I must admit there were some tense moments for me but I really am so glad you were there to guide and advise A— and D— to a blessed outcome. T— is just perfect, can you tell I’m a first time Grandma? Again, thank you so much for taking care of my first born, A—.

“We had a great birth experience” -by m

Thank you to an awesome team of midwives. We had a great birth experience. It was nice to have the blessing of both a hospital birth and a midwife to make our natural birth go well. Jared was especially glad to have you there! J We enjoyed working with everyone. Warmly, M—

“We were so impressed” -by a,d,&t

Dear Dr. Sebestyen, We wanted to send a note of thanks for the incredible care you gave during my labor and delivery on Jan 8. We knew things were going to change from our birthplan when I was told on Jan 7 that I had pre-eclampsia and needed to be induced. We had hoped for a natural childbirth but as things progressed, we realized that wasn’t going to happen. I feel like I could not have been in better hands on the day our baby came into the world! We were so impressed with the time you spent with us at the end of my labor. I know I was in a scary situation with my blood pressure going as high as it did. We were nervous when faced with the decision about whether to use the vacuum to get baby T— out or do a c-section. We definitely wanted to avoid a c-section, especially after laboring for so long. You did an amazing job with the vacuum in helping get our baby boy out! Your encouragement + guidance while I was pushing is what helped us avoid a c-section. You and our nurse, Allison, were amazing + we can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, A—, D—, and T—.

“Couldn’t be more pleased” -by sarahteale

During my first pregnancy I changed from my existing Austin OBGYN to Dr. Sebestyen’s office after doing some research on the internet and finding that she supports natural childbirth, and used hypnobirthing herself. Dr. Sebestyen, her nurses, and the midwives employed by her office were all fabulous! I felt completely comfortable with each one and loved that my appointments were scheduled so that I would get to meet each person who may be attending my birth. Everyone in the office has a great bedside manner and operates with the highest level of professionalism. It turned out that my little one decided to come early and was in the breech position. Dr. Campaign performed my cesarean section with the highest level of skill and during her follow up visit with me in the hospital impressed me even further with her passion for her work. I have already recommended this practice to several people and my sister who is expecting her first child in April also has had very good experiences with Dr. Sebestyen’s Gynecologist office as well!

“Outstanding World Class Doctor” -by bbtexas

Dr Sebestyen is a phenomenal doctor. She takes more time to listen to her patients, than any other doctor I have ever seen. She is thorough, intelligent and welcomes patient questions with thorough answers. I was not surprised to learn she attended Princeton – her ability to field questions shows how well trained and smart she is. This woman is a professional whom you would expect to find in a larger city like Houston or Dallas….she is a world class Gynecologist right here in Austin. I was so blown away by her, that I changed my OB GYN and now drive all the way from South Austin to her office in North Austin. I used to be with Women Partners in Health, which is a great outfit….however, after two serious goofs and oversights by the nurses and doctor….I had to switch. I don’t expect those kinds of problems with Dr. Sebestyen. This woman is pretty outstanding, and I look forward to delivering my second baby with her.

“She is the best!” -by LisaM

I adore Dr. Sebestyen. She is the first OBGYN I have had that has given me her utmost attention during our appointments. She is personable, friendly, calm, and an absolute joy to talk to. She is young, has a child of her own, and supports the mother’s birthing plans. I love the fact that she has made snacks and water available to pregnant moms. For one appt, I had my 5 yr old daughter with me, and Dr. S went out of her way to talk to her about the baby and we even did an impromptu ultrasound so that my daughter could see the baby. She was instrumental in working with the hospital to allow midwifes again and she has beefed up her staff so that someone from her office will be available 24/7 at the hospital for deliveries. I can’t wait to have my baby in September!

"Signed up just to write this" -by bypuapuaga

Okay I had shown up to the hospital about two times with false labor when in walks the on call doctor who I now know god sent my way I’m not trying to sound corny but after not being able to find a ins company that would take a pre-existing preg, I had to take emergency Medicaid. Well as soon as I confessed that my appointed doc was horrible and barely knew my name she told me to switch to her because she wanted to help. well just to have a doc who didn’t talk down to me and took time to get to know me was just shocking. soon after I had to leave her because my ins changed. well know I had the opportunity to go to her again when I switched jobs and I can’t believe I’m this excited about something most women dread. (Pap smear). and believe me I’ve done research and she’s the best !!!!!!

“If I could give more stars, I would!” -by luckymom895

Dr. Sebestyen is the only OBGYN in town to see if you are a thinking woman who has some opinions of her own about child birth. I’ve found that since Austin lost midwives in hospitals, the four OBGYNs I visited with before meeting Dr. Sebestyen truly believe you need medical intervention to have a baby. After complications with my last childbirth, I was startled at the complete lack of support and COMPASSION of the doctors in this profession UNTIL I met Christina Sebestyen. She supports a woman through the entire experience. She came to my aid as an ally and friend from our very first visit. She is in a league of her own; this is what it is like to have a doctor who is truly a PARTNER and not a DICTATOR in YOUR health and welfare. You’re lucky to find her. 🙂

“Dr. S is the Best – hands down, no one compares” -by kiwe

Dr. Sebestyen is absolutely amazing! Somehow the moons aligned for me, moving to Texas in my 2nd trimester I thought it would be impossible to find a supportive of natural child birth OBGYN, then I met Dr. S – immediately both my husband and I fell in love with her and had the most amazing pregnancy. Every meeting she took her time, listened, it was easy to forget she was a doctor and not a friend because of her sincerity and deep caring she gives to her patients. Then the magical day happened when I had my first baby – Dr. S. was truly a gift! She worked with us during our roller coaster ride of labor and gave constant support and encouragement. She is not a doctor to just come in and ‘catch’ – she stayed with us for HOURS!!! Although my memory of the day is fuzzy I remember her coming around 4:00 (after being in and out all day) and stayed till 3 am!!! What doctor does that these days!? AMAZING! And we had a successful completely natural child birth with the help of Dr. S and our equally amazing doula. If you are wondering who to go with feel confident with Dr. S – all you have to do is meet her 1 time and know that she is the doctor you want to go to and you would want ANYONE in your family to go to.

“Compassionate Care!” -by RobinR1970

Dr. Sebestyen provides the kind of compassionate medical care that is rare these days. After we learned that our baby had passed away in utero we were DENIED treatment by other doctors in town because we had been in the care of a midwife. When we spoke with Dr. Sebestyen she immediately offered her assistance and was willing to listen to our concerns, worries, and heartbreak. I would highly recommend her to women needing OB care.

“A Breath of Fresh Air…” -by heather78758

Dr. Sebestyen is an absolute breath of fresh air! After having met her, I wondered if she was really too good to be true. Now, after having referred numerous friends and clients to her for OB care, I have to admit I am absolutely blown away by the quality of care that her patients receive. Dr. Sebestyen takes time to listen her to her patients and really understand their wishes. She treats each woman as an individual and knows them each on a personal level, rather than by their due date or file number. I have attended several births as a doula with Dr. Sebestyen and her patience, gentle nature, and knowledge of her craft are second to none. Seriously, this woman is one of a kind in this city. I urge anyone seeking OB care to put Dr. Sebestyen at the top of your list.

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