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Caitlin Godwin


Caitlin Godwin has been serving moms and babies since 2008. She worked in Labor and Delivery units all over the country for eight years before becoming a midwife. Although Caitlin has known for the majority of her life that she wanted to work in
women’s health, it was during her years as a travel nurse that she was introduced to midwifery. The model of care was exactly what she had been looking for – so she began her own journey to become a nurse-midwife!

Caitlin is passionate about providing patient centered care. She believes that women are the experts of their own body, and optimal care is only achieved when we make decisions as a team. Caitlin is also a huge proponent of education, from teaching
during individual visits with clients to raising up the next generation of midwives. She believes in incorporating alternative medicine, such as Chinese medicine, chiropractic care, massage, and aromatherapy, into her practice.

Caitlin received her degree in nurse-midwifery from Frontier Nursing University in 2016. After which, she moved to China to work with women to decrease the rate of cervical cancer in their population. Upon returning home to America, Caitlin continued work as an Adjunct Professor at Carson-Newman University Nursing Program in Tennessee, her alma mater and home state, for two years. Most recently, Caitlin worked in Florida at a birth center where she assisted families in achieving a peaceful, supported, natural birth.

When not working, Caitlin loves horseback riding, quilting, and spending quality time with her beloved kitties, Gabby and Max. You can also find her serving with her local church.


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