Skipped Your Mammogram

Topic: Skipped Your Mammogram Due to COVID-19? Schedule One Now.

Regular screening mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early. And when caught early enough, patients have that many more options for treatment and the best chance for a cure.

A mammogram uses X-rays to look for any signs of breast cancer before symptoms (such as a lump) develop. Sometimes, mammograms will find a breast cancer months, or even years, before a patient notices any symptoms.

It is not an understatement to say that the results of a mammogram can be life-saving. Catching cancer early and beginning treatment increases your chances of survival. It really is that simple.

Breast cancer stands as the world’s most commonly diagnosed cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The disease claimed the lives of more than 685,000 women across the globe in 2020.

In the United States, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 280,000 women will receive a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer this year. An additional 50,000 will learn they have ductal carcinoma in situ, an early and non-invasive form of breast cancer.

Breast cancer survival rates have steadily increased in recent years largely due to earlier detection and treatment. Regular mammograms – particularly for women age 50 and older – helped drive that trend.

A recent study looked at how many patients did not have their mammograms during the pandemic. This study showed a nearly 60% drop in the rate of screening mammograms. This is concerning.

Topic Discussed: Skipped Your Mammogram Due to COVID-19? Schedule One Now.

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