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Topic: What Does It Mean to Be ‘Skinny Pregnant’? Risks, Tips, and More

While there’s plenty to celebrate during pregnancy, there are also changes that may bring mixed emotions. Seeing your body look so different from the way it normally does can throw you for a mental loop.

You may have envisioned your pregnant shape in a certain way, but the reality is that your pregnancy body may look very different from that image. Every pregnancy can look different, and despite what society deems the ideal, that really is OK.

With so many images and messages idealizing those who maintain a certain shape during their whole pregnancy, you may begin to wonder if there’s something wrong with you. And even if your pregnancy shape fits the idealized image, you may worry about whether your pregnancy is healthy or your weight gain is on track.

How much weight should you put on during pregnancy? Is it safe to be skinny and pregnant? Before you get too caught up with messages about the “perfect pregnancy body” allow us to help put it in scientific perspective for you.

Being “skinny pregnant” can mean different things to different people, as this isn’t a medical term, but typically implies only putting on weight in a small pregnancy bump while the rest of your body appears unchanged.

Instead of focusing on idealized images or terms, it’s important to keep in mind that all women gain and carry weight differently during pregnancy. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the same woman to carry weight differently from pregnancy to pregnancy.

There’s no one perfect body shape to strive for, and this includes during pregnancy.

Various things will affect how your body changes during pregnancy and what your bump looks like. These include:

  • muscle development
  • bone structure (height, frame, and hip structure can make a big difference in how your pregnancy shape develops)
  • where your weight is held (gaining in the belly vs. gaining everywhere)
  • whether this is a first, second, third, etc. pregnancy (especially if your children are close together, you may notice that you show earlier or carry differently during subsequent pregnancies)
  • heredity
  • whether you’re carrying more than one baby

Topic Discussed: What Does It Mean to Be ‘Skinny Pregnant’? Risks, Tips, and More

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