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Topic: OBGYN’s seeing more women struggling with anxiety, depression amid pandemic

While many doctors are able to treat patients virtually amid the COVID-19 pandemic, obstetricians and gynecologists can not always. Things like vaginal exams and monitoring a baby’s heartbeat require in-person care. Now that face to face contact is allowing women to open up about anxiety or mental health struggles to OBGYNs.

“So many women have told me, ‘I haven’t seen my primary care, I haven’t had my mammogram, or I haven’t done this,’ and the anxiety around that and just be able to talk about it and just come in,” says Dr. Molly Shipman with Women’s Health Connecticut.

“That’s been huge, I would say the majority of people have had some really significant anxiety, rightly so,” says Dr. Shipman.

She says that many women have anxiety about getting care and being safe.

“I’m definitely seeing women open up as, ‘Wow I’m finally here with my doctor and now I can talk about how I’m feeling and share how much anxiety I’ve been feeling’,” says Dr. Shipman.

She says many women are struggling with working from home with kids learning from home, carrying the brunt of parenting and managing the household.

Doctor Shipman adds that OBGYNs are well versed in dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression issues and are able to offer initial help, but she prefers sending women to talk therapy.

One thing good for mental health issues? Vaccines and spring.

“The sunlight’s going to do us all some good and vitamin D and getting back outside, walking, that’s been a huge talking point. I mean exercise, getting outside, even if you’re seeing your friends from six feet with a mask.”

Topic Discussed: OBGYN’s seeing more women struggling with anxiety, depression amid pandemic

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