Managing Pregnancy Challenges

Topic: 5 Tips for Managing Pregnancy Challenges with Migraine

Everyone says it’s difficult, but nothing quite prepares you for the challenges that come when managing migraine while pregnant.

Not only are you dealing with wild hormonal changes, but there’s also not a lot you can do when you need relief from attacks.

This past year I went through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, which ended in a successful embryo transfer. Thrilled with our viable pregnancy, I had no idea that my first trimester would bring an increase in my vestibular migraine attacks.

Not only was I having to supplement estrogen and progesterone to sustain the pregnancy, but I was also dealing with horrible “morning” sickness — that actually lasted all day. It was especially bad in the evening hours, when I couldn’t keep anything down until about 18 weeks.

When managing migraine, we know that sleep quality, hydration, and diet can be essential elements toward lowering the frequency of attacks. But what happens when you’re trying to manage an increase in attacks and only given the option of Tylenol?

Here are some options for managing challenges you may face during pregnancy:

Ask your doctor about your medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a registryTrusted Source of pregnancy medications that may have an exposure risk to the fetus.

Many expecting moms with migraine have been given the advice to wean off a daily preventive medication, as most are in higher risk categories and haven’t been approved for use during pregnancy.

However, in some cases, your OB-GYN can work with your neurologist and determine if your quality of life would suffer enough that continued use of a migraine preventive medication would be worth the risk. This is obviously a highly personal discussion.

Luckily, certain beta-blockers, which are often the first line of therapy if a medication is needed, are approved for use during pregnancy.

Talk with your providers about all medications you use, which risk category they fall into, and the risks of continuing and discontinuing use during pregnancy.

Topic Discussed: 5 Tips for Managing Pregnancy Challenges with Migraine

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