Pregnancy Breath

Topic: Dealing with Pregnancy Breath

You know that pregnancy causes all the very obvious miraculous changes in your body. But one of the many side effects most people forget about once they hold their new bundle of joy is bad breath.

Yes, as your body changes and hormones roller coaster to make a new human, some of these changes can temporarily lead to bad breath. It doesn’t help that pregnancy also heightens your sense of smell!

Bad breath during pregnancy can happen for a number of reasons. Here’s what to watch out for if you’re pregnant and suddenly have bad breath more often, and what to do about it.

Causes of bad breath during pregnancy

There are a number of causes that can lead to bad breath during pregnancy. Some of the main causes include the following.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are necessary and important for keeping your pregnancy on track. But they can also take you for a joy ride! Fluctuating hormones can lead to a range of unwanted side effects. This includes:

  • fatigue
  • sweating more
  • dry mouth
  • morning sickness

A dry mouth can lead to more bacteria on the tongue and in the mouth, causing bad breath and raising your risk of dental cavities.

And many pregnant people have some morning sickness — nausea and vomiting — mainly in the first trimester. Vomiting can cause or worsen bad breath. Nausea may worsen a dry mouth because you may not have much of an appetite to eat or drink anything.

Both nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration, worsening a dry mouth and bad breath.

Runny nose

When you’re pregnant it might feel like you always have a slight cold or allergies. This is because the increased blood flow in the body pushes more fluids into blood vessels in the nose.

The sensitive vessels in the nose leak when they get overfilled, causing a runny nose or rhinitis. Sometimes, the increased blood flow can also cause nosebleeds during pregnancy.

A runny or stuffy nose can lead to nasal drip and phlegm in the back of the throat. It can also cause infected or inflamed sinuses (sinusitis). Both of these side effects of pregnancy can make your breath smell bad.

Additionally, a stuffed or blocked nose may force you to breathe through the mouth, potentially worsening dry mouth and bad breath during pregnancy.

Topic Discussed: Dealing with Pregnancy Breath

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