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Topic: Top Tips From A Fitness Expert For Exercising Safely While Pregnant

One of the UK’s favourite health and fitness influencers, Carly Rowena, is a rising star in the wellness world making it her personal goal to inspire people to feel comfortable in their own bodies and to have positive attitudes to life. She effortlessly shares her inspirational gym routines and offers fabulous tips on a healthy diet, fashion and beauty. Carly has a lovely calming and positive aura about her and has amazingly balanced her role as a new mum whilst continuing to stay fit and healthy in the process.

We reached out to Carly for advice on how to stay active and healthy when you’re having a baby and learn more about her own personal journey becoming a new mum to her gorgeous daughter Jax. Here’s what she had to say…

How did you first become interested and involved in fitness?

My background is a little backwards, I was actually working in Marketing for the Motor-trade and while it was a job full of potential it just wasn’t where I wanted to be, however I had no idea what I wanted to do and was too nervous to go back Into education without a vague idea of my talents and passions. With that in mind I actually turned to YouTube and used it as a talent search, filming lots of different topics in the hopes of finding my dream career and BOOM, my following grew and with that so did the feedback and more and more people were telling me that I should get into Personal Training so that was exactly what happened. I did an online course while working full time and gave myself one month to become fully booked and then quit my job and wow, what a journey it has been!

Why do you believe that fitness is so important to health and well-being?

Fitness isn’t about weight loss, abs or growing your booty, it’s about realising your potential. Too much emphasis is put on the physical aspects of Fitness but mentally you profit from moving exponentially.

How much exercise did you do when you were pregnant?

I moved throughout my pregnancy and was still in my local CrossFit box the day of my Labour, I was actually doing a 5k walk with my dog when my first contractions started but while some people would say this was extreme the intensity of my workouts had been scaled with each trimester.

Topic Discussed: Top Tips From A Fitness Expert For Exercising Safely While Pregnant

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