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Topic: What to Expect at 1 Month Pregnant

Being 1 month pregnant is a little like standing at the starting line of a marathon: You know you have a long way to go until the end, but you’re ready for the challenge. You’ve been waiting for this. Bring it on, pregnancy!

The anticipation and excitement is often what the first month of pregnancy is all about. Here’s what else you can expect this month.

You’re 1 month pregnant, but your baby is only, like… 14 days old? How does that work?

Welcome to the first (but definitely not last) often confusing thing about pregnancy: your gestational age. Pregnancy is measured, or dated, from the first day of your last period.

No, you weren’t pregnant then, and yes, it can seem odd that it works this way, but the actual date of conception can be pretty hard to pin down.

Besides, before we knew so much about conception, we knew through observation that people (on average) tended to give birth about 40 weeks after the start of their last period.

So if you’re 1 month pregnant, it means your last period started about 1 month ago, but since you probably didn’t conceive your baby until about 14 days later, they’re only 2 weeks old. Your baby will always be “younger” than your pregnancy.

Don’t freak out, though: The whole world of obstetrics and fetal development revolves around gestational age, so sticking with that number means you’re in line with everyone else’s milestones and expectations.

The pee stick on your pregnancy test is barely dry, but you swear there’s already a baby bump bulging over the top of your skinny jeans. Is it for real?

Yes — and no! Yes, you probably do have some abdominal swelling, but it’s most likely caused by first trimester bloating, not the size of your uterus.

Just like when you get all puffy right before your period, the increase in progesterone (and a bunch of other reproductive hormones) that happens with conception can cause bloating.

At this stage, your uterus is starting to expand but is still pretty small, so it’s not likely to be the reason for your tight-fitting pants.

That is, unless this isn’t your first baby, in which case you could be seeing the makings of a baby bump this early: Because your abdominal muscles are weakened from your previous pregnancy, they’re ready to fall right back into saggy shape as soon as any kind of uterine growth happens.

Topic Discussed: What to Expect at 1 Month Pregnant

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