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Surgical Services

In-office Surgery

In an era of high medical costs, we offer in-office minor surgical procedures one day per month in order to decrease the overall cost to the patient by removing the high surgical center fees.

These procedures are done in conjunction with PARAGON – an in-office mobile surgical service with excellent surgical assistants and anesthesiologists. General sedation is used to ensure each patient’s comfort.

The procedures that can be done include:
dilatation & curettage (cleaning of inside of uterus),
diagnostic hysteroscopy (looking into the uterus with a small telescope),
hysteroscopic polypectomy (removing a uterine polyp using the small telescope),
Novasure endometrial ablation (burning the uterine lining for heavy bleeding problems),
Essure hysteroscopic tubal ligation (closing the fallopian tubes for permanent sterilization),
LEEP (removal of precancerous cervical tissue),
labial reduction (decreasing the labial size for symptomatic enlarged labia), etc.

Day Surgery

Thankfully, many surgeries today can be done in an ambulatory surgical center where the patient is able to return to the comfort of their home on the same day as the procedure. We use North Austin Surgery Center, which is located on the first floor of the office building that is adjacent to our office (12201 Renfert Way).

All complicated hysteroscopic procedures such as hysteroscopic myomectomies (removing fibroids using the small telescope) and most laparoscopic procedures (looking into the abdomen through the belly button with a small telescope) are done at this location. This facility offers state-of-the-art surgical equipment coupled with compassionate care.

The procedures that can be done include:
hysteroscopic myomectomies,
laparoscopic tubal ligations,
laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts or ovaries,
laparoscopic removal of endometriosis, etc.

Major Surgery

Unfortunately, sometimes major surgery cannot be avoided, and for these cases, we use North Austin Medical Center, which is located across the street from our office building. This facility offers the best in surgical technology, including the DaVinci surgical robot, and gynecologic specialty surgical technologists/nurses.

Here, patients are able to stay comfortably overnight after major surgery such as hysterectomy (laparoscopic, vaginal or abdominal approaches), removal of fibroids, vaginal repairs of bladder or rectal prolapse, etc. The length of stay depends on the nature of the surgical procedure and the speed of each patient’s recovery to walking, eating, urinating, and maintaining adequate pain control.


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