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3d/4d Family Ultrasounds


All of our physicians are trained in the performance and interpretation of ultrasound. We have two seasoned licensed sonographers who perform ultrasounds all day on Monday through Friday.

We are able to complete all types of obstetrical ultrasound in the office including first-trimester scans for dating, bleeding, pain; second-trimester basic and detailed anatomy surveys; and third-trimester scans for size/date discrepancies, amniotic fluid assessments, and post-dates reassurance. We also do genetic screenings for patients who desire such testing with both the first-screens (12 week ultrasound and blood draw for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 risk assessment) and quad-screens (16 week blood draw only for Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and neural tube defects), as well as fetal DNA assessments via maternal blood draw.

Although some offices in town perform ultrasounds at every prenatal visit, we advocate against this for fetal safety, and use ultrasound only when medically indicated.

Gender Reveal

15-20 weeks $60.00 (5 print outs)

3d/4d Full Face & Body Imaging

26-35 weeks $120.00 (20 min scan with disc)

2 Visit Package (Both of above)

$160.00 ($20.00 savings)
Please talk to the Front Staff or call 512-425-3825 for more information.


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