What do I do After-Hours/ Emergencies?

If an emergency medical situation arises during office hours, call us at 512. 425.3825. Your call will be put straight through to a member of our nursing, midwife or physician staff, whoever is immediately available.

At night or during the weekend, call 512. 425.3825 and our answering service will contact the midwife or doctor on call. She will call you back and review your situation and plan as necessary. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or you are an obstetrical patient in labor please tell the answering service you think you are in labor.

If you contact our after-hours answering service and do not receive a call back from one of our midwives or doctors within 30 minutes, please contact the answering service again and inform them that it is your second call.

Routine prescription refills and questions regarding treatment and medications are handled during routine office hours, and are not handled by the midwife or doctor on emergency duty. Please note: If your condition is not an emergency, you may be held liable for any costs incurred. However, do not postpone an emergency if you think your condition may be a “true” emergency.