All patients deserve to get compassionate healthcare by healthcare providers. Compassionate healthcare results in higher quality medical care and better results. At ObGyn North in Austin, our goal is high quality, empathetic and compassionate care for our patients.

compassionate health care in Austin

Compassionate Healthcare begins with the Appointment

Does the number of patients seen by a doctor per day influence the care provided?
Many people do not realize that the number of patients seen per day by an individual doctor varies greatly. The amount of time allotted to each patient naturally varies based on the scheduling scheme chosen by that doctor. Many patients lament about the limited time that they have face-to-face with their physicians. Because of the great variation in scheduling, patients can choose to see physicians who opt for less dense scheduling, allowing more time with each patient.

Why do doctors schedule more patients into their day?
The most logical answer is financial. Doctors are paid by insurance companies for each patient that they see. The more patients seen, the more money collected. Doctors are paid based on CPT codes submitted for each patient seen. Each code is included in the contract between a doctor and insurance company. Those codes have payments that are contractually agreed upon by both parties. The more codes submitted – the more money generated. In our office, all physicians and midwives are salaried to avoid the seduction of money driving schedules or clinical decision making.

How can you estimate how many patients a doctor sees in a day?
You can always ask the scheduling staff about how many patients an individual doctor sees in a full office day. You can also make an educated guess based on when appointments are scheduled. Do appointments appear to be scheduled always on the 15-minute interval (08:00, 08:15, 08:30…)? If so, then most appointments are allotted 15-30 minutes. Do appointment appear to be scheduled on the 5- or 10-minute interval (08:00, 08:05, 08:10… or 08:00, 08:10, 08:20…)? If so, then most appointments are allotted 5-10, or 10-20 minutes respectively.

At ObGyn North, we schedule appointments on the 15-minute interval. New patients have 30-minute appointments and procedures are also allotted 30-minute appointments. In our practice, we take the time needed to understand your issues and provide caring, compassionate healthcare.

We are Committed to Attentive, Compassionate Health Care

Doctors will brag about seeing over 50 patients per day, but what does that say about the quality of patient care given. How can you communicate your problems, have a physical exam, and review all possible treatment options in 5 minutes? We believe that is impossible. We tend to see 20-25 patients per day. At times, we might run behind schedule because our commitment is to take the time needed to provide you the best of compassionate care. We often hear stories of other offices in which one question only is allowed per appointment – additional questions require additional appointments. This may allow an office to function on time, but it inconveniences the patient by needing multiple appointments and time away from work/home. Waiting can be frustrating, but we do not believe in rushing patients out the door with serious unresolved problems. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the highest quality healthcare that is thorough, caring and compassionate.

As advocates for ourselves, we can choose what type of healthcare we receive. By asking the right questions, we can ensure that the doctors/midwives that we choose to see are the right match for each of us as individuals. We should seek out healthcare that is compassionate, empathetic and attentive.

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