When did you know you wanted to become a physician?
I thought I might want to be a physician in high school, so I got a job as a receptionist in a pediatric office to investigate the possibility. I ultimately decided with certainty in my senior year of college after completing my bachelors thesis on the manifestation of aggression in feral ponies. I loved the research but felt as though I was not helping the world with my gifts and that I would better serve others through medicine. 
What is your favorite part of your job?
I love the relationships I am able to develop with women over the course many years. Watching families grow and change offers a special window into their world which is precious. 
How do you see the birth community changing in the years to come?
I am hopeful that evidence-based medicine will prevail causing induction and c-section rates to decline. This will require a change in the financing of birth (which unfortunately is not apt to change soon). 
What are your favorite resources for women in Austin?
Special Addition 
Stroller Strides
Central Texas Doula Association
Hand to Hold
Planned Parenthood
What is your favorite way to exercise or where do you spend time outdoors in Austin?
I love to walk on Lady Bird Lake with my older son. 
What are some of the ways you strive for optimal health?
I wear a Fitbit which guilts me into walking more!
How would you encourage women or what would you say to them about the process of pregnancy and delivery?
Believe in yourself and your convictions. Surround yourself with people who share those beliefs and will hold you up throughout the process. 
How many babies have you delivered?
Lots 🙂
What was one of your favorite moments in a birth?
There is a couple who I have had the honor to assist twice in labor who have an uncanny rhythm with each other. It is their birth and I am just a helping hand. I hope for that type of relationship for all couples. 
How long have you been in practice?
Since 1999. 
What is the most interesting thing youve learned lately?
We choose our own path and need to embrace it or change the path. 
How is your view on birth different now that youve experienced it so many times?We shape our own birth experience through our preparation and attitude, and need to embrace that rather than blaming others or the world around us.