Recently we asked Jessica a few things about her journey into midwifery and here’s what we learned…
When did you know you wanted to be a midwife/physician? 
I knew I wanted to be a midwife after the birth of my first child. It was a traumatic experience even though I felt prepared going into it and I felt like no one gave me the information I was looking for.  Midwifery perfectly marries patient-focused care with education and I knew then that it was the career for me. 
What’s your favorite part of your job? 
Seeing the faces of women and their partners when they have seen how amazingly strong they are in bringing a baby into the world. 
How do you see the birth community changing in the years to come? 
I see midwifery becoming more and more the norm for healthy pregnant women. i see collaboration becoming essential. OB/Gyn North has such an amazing collaborative model and I see that model spreading. 
What are your favorite resources for women in Austin? 
Austin has great breastfeeding support and an amazing breast milk bank! I am such a supporter and champion for breast feeding and I think the resources here are amazing. 
What’s your favorite way to exercise or where do you spend time outdoors in Austin? 
I’m a runner. I love to trail run and hike with my family all around Austin as there are so many great areas. 
How would you encourage women or what would you say to them about the process of pregnancy and delivery? 
Pregnancy is the most life changing event you will go through. It’s tough and you learn and grow so much through pregnancy and birth. It’s important to have great support in this journey, great care and good preparation. 
How many babies have you delivered? 
I stopped counting after 200, probably in the 400 area. 
What was one of your favorite moments in a birth? 
The moment when a woman realizes she is the strongest being on earth!
How long have you been in practice? 
5 years
What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned lately? 
That babies have fingerprints at just 13 weeks gestation!
How is your view on birth different now that you’ve experienced it so many times? 
I feel like I have gained a good sense for normal through my experience. I have learned how to be a strong and calming presence. 
What is something that surprises you about deliveries? They come in so many shapes and sizes and can be so different for everyone.