When did you know you wanted to be a midwife? 
During my 3rd pregnancy I was cared for by CNMs in the Air Force and got to work with some in the hospital where I worked.  I was already considering further education, but I began to discuss it with a CNM I enjoyed working with and she encouraged me to become a midwife. I also thought about becoming a nurse  anesthetist, but I felt like I would miss interaction with people and I knew I would very much miss birth.
What is your favorite part of your job?
I really enjoy seeing women year after year and getting to know them. And, I enjoy helping women work through problems. The relationships are what I love the most about my job.
How do you see the birth community changing in the years to come?
I hope to see the c-section rate drop and for women to gain more acceptance of alternative birth locations.
What is your favorite way to exercise or where do you spend time outdoors in Austin?
I work outside in my yard most weekends and mornings.  Digging up rocks and building gardens is one of my favorite things to do outside.
How many babies have you delivered? More than I can remember!
How long have you been in practice? I graduated midwifery school in 1997 and practiced for about 5 years before taking a job with a hospital. That was where I met Margaret Thompson, MD in 2001 (who previously owned this practice). In 2002 she hired me to work in her office but not to deliver babies.  When Christina Sebestyen, MD bought the practice in 2008 I began delivering babies again.