1. Call Ms. Eileen Dunne, Risk Manager for St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, at 901‐2515. Tell her that you would like to secure the release of your placenta upon the birth of your child, which is expected on or about DATE; that you have all of the necessary legal paperwork in order; and that you would like to make an appointment to meet with her, present her with a copy of the Unopposed Motion, and sign the Unopposed Motion with her in the presence of the hospital’s Notary Public. (NOTE: Don’t sign this document before your meeting, as the Notary Public will need to witness your signature.)

2. Once you have met with Ms. Dunne, you will have three documents to take to court:
a. The “Application or Petition to Secure the Release of Medical Waste”;
b. The “Unopposed Motion to Release Medical Waste”, which has been signed by you and Ms. Dunne and notarized by a Notary Public; and
c. The “Agreed Order to Release Medical Waste”. You will need to take these three documents and $240 cash (you can probably pay by check or credit card, but it will cost you more) to the Travis County Courthouse. If you are hoping to complete the process in one trip, you will want to arrive at the Courthouse by 8 am (to make the 8:30‐9:30 slot for uncontested cases) or by 1 pm (to make the 1:30‐2:30 slot for uncontested cases.)

3. Once you arrive at the Travis County Courthouse, go to room 301 (Civil), file your “Application or Petition to Secure the Release of Medical Waste”, and pay the $237 filing fee. The clerk will stamp your petition “filed” and give you a cause number. Enter this number on the appropriate line at the top of each of the two remaining documents (the “Unopposed Motion” and the “Agreed Order”.)

4.Immediately file the “Unopposed Motion” in the same office.

5. Your “Application” and “Unopposed Motion” will be stamped “FILED” by the clerk, who will give you a photocopy or the original of each document. The clerk will be able to direct you to the court that is hearing unopposed cases. He/she can also describe for you the process once you get to the appropriate court room.

6. Take the photocopies of your stamped “Application” and “Unopposed Motion” as well as your “Agreed Order” to the designated courtroom and follow the instructions of the clerk. You will eventually be called by the judge, who may ask you questions or who may just sign your “Agreed Order.” Either way, you will leave the room with a signed Order.

7. Take all of your documents to Room 103 and ask the clerk at the desk for a certified copy. You will need to pay $2 for this copy, which is the document that you will present to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center to secure the release of your placenta.

For further information on encapsulating your placenta you may contact:

Lindsey Roberts