What to Bring For Delivery?

Mothers to be often worry about what to bring to the hospital for labor, delivery and postpartum. Thankfully, most of the necessities for labor and delivery are available and provided by the hospital. The hospital provides a patient gown for both labor as well as postpartum. The postpartum gown is breastfeeding friendly. Some patients prefer to have their own clothing for both labor and postpartum. This is allowed but it is important to remember that labor and delivery involve lots of body fluids and usually these clothes will need to be discarded after birth. There are companies that make gowns specifically for labor that include holes for placement of the fetal heart and contraction monitors. One such company is called pretty pushers. The hospital will provide mesh panties and pads which most women prefer to wearing their own panties which frequently get soiled. Toiletries are also provided although most patients prefer to bring their own products to the hospital for delivery.


What to Pack for Labor and Delivery

When packing for tools to help with coping through the intensity of labor and delivery, it is important to think about those things that specifically help you. The hospital can provide IV pain medication such as fentanyl and epidural. North Austin Medical Center also has both birthing balls as well as peanut balls, although these are not available at all hospitals.

If you are hoping for an unmedicated birth, you may want to bring:

  • A heating pad and/or a cooling towel
  • A TENS unit or transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator (see BabyCare TENS)
  • Massage tools such as those by WAHL
  • A focal point such as a picture of a beloved place or person
  • Accupressure guide (see BabyCare TENS)
  • Aromatherapy diffuser plus essential oils such as lavender and peppermint
  • A doula (labor support person) (see Central Texas Doula Association


What to Pack for Postpartum?

When packing for postpartum, you want to consider outfits for your newborn. Because of frequent feeding and diaper changes, it is helpful to bring Sleeper Gowns which have arms and an elastic close at the feet rather than legs and buttons. The hospital provides diapers and wipes for the baby after delivery, but you can bring your own particularly if planning on using cloth diapers. The hospital also provides receiving blankets for swaddling, but for those who prefer the ease of Velcro, there are Velcro swaddlers that make bundling up baby simple. If you expect to have many visitors after delivery, bringing breastfeeding gowns/tops and Nursing Covers can allow for privacy while still nursing successfully. If you have never used a breast pump before and now have one at home, it is helpful to bring that to the hospital for your nurse or lactation consultant to help guide you through its use.

Finally, for going home – you will want a sweet outfit for both yourself and your newborn for the many photos of the memorable event. Your car seat and base should be installed, and the car seat brought into the hospital on the day of discharge. Many public safety offices such as fire departments will check to ensure your car seat is properly installed. Lastly, make sure that your phone if fully charged and there is plenty of memory left to allow for as many pictures as you can take. It is a joyous moment growing your family – so take a minute to celebrate!

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